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New, Improved Domain Name Searches - Feedback Request!

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    Marylou Scott-Smith

    Hi Glen,

    Thanks for your comment!  We're glad you have found our information helpful and that you like our .CA sale prices.  This is a great time to sign up for hosting with Rebel, since we are now offering it at 70% off and will even move your site from an existing host over for free.

    Your promo code will be in your inbox shortly! :)


    Marylou Scott-Smith

    Customer Experience Manager

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    Glen Maclagan

    I have been receiving Rebel emails for a year, and I've always found them to be helpful. The last time I saw your site it wasn't nearly as fun to use, I really enjoy the list of the Domains with the prices and discounts easy to read, and when I saw that .ca Domains were only $2, and I could buy10 .ca Domains before the expiry date, I was very happy. If I get a promo code for commenting, I will be even happier, and I will sign up for hosting on Rebel tomorrow.

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    Adam Morris

    Hi, Marylou can you give me your contact number??


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    Marylou Scott-Smith

    Hi Adam, 

    You can reach me by calling Rebel Support at 1-866-497-3235.  Any member of the Rebel team will be happy to transfer your call to me.



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    Steel Lee

    I'm abit lost but i hope u will stand by me all the way as i pursue my journey. Thank you and you guys have been great to me. Im looking to xhange the world. I also like to believe I'm a rebel inside.

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    I have been a client for many years and the service has always been good to excellent. It just gets better and better.

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    In your domain search, why list common TLD's at the bottom?  For example .org and .net.  They're way down on page 3!



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    Dylan M.F.

    Was confusing at first and being suffocated by promo deals every time I load a page is annoying but the price is right

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    G Pat

    It looks clean. There were .houses .apartments and .condos domain names that appeared before .com though, which seems like what should be first.

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    Chris Wright

    The new search feature is nearly perfect. It's fast, persistent, and sensible. It doesn't frustrate me or waste my time as much as other registrars. My only complaint is that it doesn't always show the status of the domain I searched. Overall, well done. Your smart competitors should try to copy this functionality.

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    Garrett Moore

    Having all domains in one clear list makes it far easier to make my decision and purchase.

    Thank you!

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    Alison Logee

    Much easier on the eyes...clean.

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    Dean Eastman

    Hi there. I am looking to start a sole proprietorship and a friend told me to visit Really glad I did. Extremely easy to use and easy navigation throughout your site!

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    Elias Assad

    I have been with you for years, and indeed the new search is an improvement. Still, you may want to consider a tag cloud approach to the TLD choices.


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    The new search is more user-intuitive, but your site overall still have room for improvements. Like others have said before, the TLDs should show first, not last or diluted between the many others,

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    Jeanette McDermott

    I'm new to and am just now feeling my way around your offerings and the .eco craze. It's been very helpful to me to be able to research domain names on your site to see what might be available within my green field of passion. Your domain search is a breeze to navigate, for which I am grateful. What would be helpful is to see at a glance what distinguishes you from other hosting agencies with a sort of ranking system or chart that shows what you offer for the same or comparable price of what others are offering. One thing that did confound me is that some of my searches came up with a big bold statement in red when the domain was taken, and other times when the domain was already taken I didn't see the big bold statement in red, but a simple red "X" only. Because of that inconsistency I wasn't 100% sure of whether a domain was actually taken or not. That might be worth fixing. All in all, I like what I see at Rebel. The name of your website resonates with my personal archetype, which is why I clicked on your website instead of your competitors. Silly, no doubt, but still, all the same - here I am. I'm going to keep investigating your company and offerings. Since I discovered you on the .eco site, I need to determine that you are actually full-blown enviro.

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    Kimberley Elliott

    I really like the improvements. much easier to find what I want quickly and to get what i need. thanks! K


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