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New DNS Manager - User Feedback Request!

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    Marylou Scott-Smith

    Well that's not good. Thanks for passing that feedback along, Derek.  I'm letting the team know right now so we can fix that!  Thanks.  :)

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    Derek Broughton

    Works fine, and is a little easier to use than the old system, imo--except for one thing: Your "Share Feedback" box blocks the Edit buttons!

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    Jason Bone

    I'm not thrilled with the new DNS manager, I prefer the old one as it's way fatser to make changes...  Can you please add the option back to my account so I can choose which DNS manager I use?


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    It seems very slow.  I'm trying to add 10 records to get my mail flowing to Office 365 and it would be super awesome if there was a zone file import option instead of having to type / cut/paste 10 entries and wait for the waiting circle on each.

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